Physical & Spiritual Healing Massage in Honolulu, HI

ocean massage

in a warm salt pool

ocean Massage

Hawaiians have long revered the spiritual and physical healing properties of the warm waters surrounding their islands. Ocean Massage recreates these elements in a balmy saltwater pool reserved exclusively for Spa Pure’s private therapeutic use during these sessions.

45 min $100 || 60 min $130

Enter a warm salt pool for a three dimensional swirling massage that will allow you to completely arrive in Hawaii. Feel yourself join the wind, water, and salt as your own flowing weightlessness is gently guided through a unique-to-you series of whole body stretch-motions while pressure point massage relieves muscle knots. It can be called Continuous Released Positioning, or more simply,
you may call it a wonderfully amazing experience!


Wear whatever is comfortable for you and let your body relax in waters warmed to 97°F degrees. Fully supported by buoyant noodles and by your therapist, you’ll be guided through a whole-body series of sweeping stretches. Your therapist will use your relaxed movement through the water and gentle pressure-point strokes to relieve muscle knots. A unique experience. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Exhilarating."


At first you'll be supported by noodles under the knees, low back, and neck.  The therapist then provides a foot massage while you float in the warm salt water.  Then we remove the noodle from the neck, support at the occiput with one hand while alternately applying pressure to the front of the shoulder with the other hand's fingers as the thumb settles into all the muscles bordering the scapulae.  By pulling with one hand while pushing with the other we can create a sort of 3-D Shiatsu in the water.

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